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Breaking News Highlights of the month
Good Morning MEP (MicaEcPcians) – Reporting from 156 KM south west from Gwalior
1. The MEP Android application has been installed by another 36 user.
2. MEP website has increased its storage capability to 640TB in cloud storage.
3. Surprise campus arranged by MEP from a pharmaceutical organization to select 10 young talented scientist from Jiwaji University, but now they are ready to invest heavily ( INR 600 Cr as Phase –I investment) on a bigger set up as they could offer to MEP students a complete set up ( Top management to fresher) of about 36 employee to set up their R&D centre in INDIA
4. President of USA is arriving Gwalior on Thursday morning to Greet Dr. Rajeev Jain & His Team for their extra ordinary contribution towards humanity related to Recently conducted 3 days International symposium on the title on Rare Diseases Solutions- Concept to Commercialization arranged by MEP, Association India
5. Flash Sell will be opened on 18th of this month from 13:00 to 13?:03 hrs ( GMT) for the MEP memberships
6. MEP cricket team is in final of Corporate Cricket League for this year also
7. Applications are invited from MEP students for Everest mountain walk arranged by MEP association, last date of application submission in 23th of this month.
8. Those all NEWS looks to be imaginations, but not IMPOSSIBLE, sometime back money from ATM was also like that, so, If I can think then simply it is possible as for excellence…..

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